ALD IPO Minisite

Company Profile

ALD in a Nutshell

ALD is a leading international provider of full service vehicle leasing and fleet management services to corporate customers and private individuals.

The Group’s French operations began almost 30 years ago and it has since grown through a combination of external and organic growth on 4 continents.

Today, ALD has a direct presence in 41 countries with top 3 positions in 26 countries. It is ranked #3 globally and #1 in Europe by number of vehicles under management with around 1.4 million vehicles under full service vehicle leasing and fleet management service contracts.

This strong geographical coverage provides ALD with high customer visibility, gives it the scale to serve its customers efficiently at both international and local level. ALD’s strength in indirect channels through white label partnerships with banks and car manufacturers underpins its performance in international markets.

ALD operates under several brands: ALD Automotive, Parcours, Qigo or white label brands.

ALD’s objective is to be the global leader in the provision and delivery of mobility solutions.



A growth Story

1998: Incorporation of ALD
Expansion in Europe 2001 – 2005
2001: Acquisition of Deutsche Bank’s European car leasing assets
2003: Acquisition of Hertz Lease Europe
2005: Acquisition of Ford Lease
ALD going global 2005 -2017
19 country openings: in Central and Eastern Europe, South America, Africa and Asia
12 bolt-on acquisitions: in Europe and Asia
5 strategic alliances in North America (Wheels), Pacific region (Fleet Partners), South Africa (ABSA), Ireland (Johnson&Perrott) and Latin America (AutoCorp and Arrend Leasing)
2016: Acquisition of Parcours Group, representing a total fleet of 63,700 vehicles in France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Luxembourg


A Global Footprint and Leading Position

Unique ability to deliver competitive global fleet solutions across 41 geographies, with Top 3 positions in 26 countries